We’ve had some really fine additions highlighting women to our Family Resources page recently, starting with the Carrie Patten Cronk diaries, containing 60 diaries with 21,710 pages. Carrie was born in 1865 in Michigan and died in Massachusetts in 1947. She started keeping a diary when she was 16 years old, and kept on until 1945. These diaries provide a wonderful account of a young woman coming of age profile during the late nineteenth century and recording her life into the middle of the twentieth. The donor, Carole Cronk Cole, also wrote a wonderful biography of Carrie and her family, and this is a rich source, not only for the family, but for others who knew them and are mentioned.
Next is My Grandmother's Journal: A Story (Lucy Ann Behles). This biography was written by Lucy’s granddaughter, Karen Delaney Relstab in the form of an autobiography which covers 1878 to 1957. Karen also added an account of how she decided to write Lucy’s story, a pedigree chart, timeline of Lucy’s life and a number of photos in which Lucy is always smiling. We are indebted to Ms. Relstab for permission to post this copyrighted work which follows her grandmother’s life from the child of immigrant parents in Chicago.

The Catherine Combs collection is a collection of family scrapbook and photos for the Clark, Clarke, Combs, Ellis, Neal, Higgins, Jaques and Platte families, as well as the Church of the Transfiguration (Freeport, Nassau County, New York) Parish Directory, 1961-1962, Oltman’s Lodge #446 F. & A.M., (Richmond Hill, Queens County, New York) 1956 Roster and 100th Anniversary booklet, 1950,  and the Perfect Union F. & A.M. Lodge #1 (New Orleans, Louisiana) Roster, 1916.

Recollections and Observations from the Life of June B. Harris was compiled by Michael L. Harris, her grandson. June was born in Indiana in 1899, and was a teacher before marriage, and worked outside of the home at times during her marriage, then taking over her husband’s work duties when he became ill.  She became a bookkeeper, then a social worker before joining the WACs in 1944, then continued as a social worker after the war. Her account of her life described a woman living the life of transition from

Finally is a simple photo and brief biography of Maria Pearson Stevens, high school sophomore in 1909, daughter of Millard and Alma Pearson of Jackson, Miami County, Indiana. It’s a beautiful photo, showing a girl of the time on the cusp of womanhood.

These are just a few of the records that we have on our Family Resources that reflect the lives of our female ancestors!