We are pleased to be able to post some new Family Resources for you to use.

The first two written and donated by Patricia Johnson: Great Grandparents and Their Ancestors of (Ina) Patricia Hughes, 1928- , which is divided into seven parts, and Great Grandparents and Their Ancestors of Frank Lee Johnson, Jr., 1927- , which contains eight parts. Both are keyword searchable.

We also have three letters of the Howard Family, DeKalb County, Indiana. The first, dated 1930, is from 11 year old Elton Howard, was written to his mother, Ester, and mailed in the first batch of air mail from Fort Wayne. It flew to Chicago and back, and was intended as a souvenir. The second is a 1919 letter to Elton’s father, Elton D., from his aunt Emma, who was visiting Danville, Indiana. The third letter, also to Elton, Sr., from Emma Howard, discusses various members of the extended family.

The last is Thomas Middlebrook Willis, 1859-1937, Pioneer Abilene, Texas Attorney.  Thomas was born in 1859 in Georgia. His family migrated to Texas in 1866, then, after law school, he settled in Abilene, where he settled and his family grew. his descendant, T. Bradford Willis, DDS, of Waco, Texas, compiled this biography and has graciously allowed us to post it.

Thanks to our contributors, who continue to make The Genealogy Center Free Databases a site worth visiting!