Have you ever thought about the legacy flowers have in your family?  My grandmother was a gardener and had some of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen in her garden.  My mother has ivy, Lily of the Valley, and several other flowers that were starts from my grandmother’s garden.  Starts of these plants will soon be added to my garden.  Since my grandmother is no longer living, these starts from her garden mean so much more to me than plants from the store.   

There are many people who have gardens and plants from relatives who have long predeceased them.  There are roses that have been in families for centuries.  In some families, gardening or plants are a family’s legacy to pass down to the next generation.

What is your family’s garden legacy?  Flowers blooming in Foster Park in the spring in the early 2000s. Photographs taken by George Powell, formerly of Fort Wayne, IN, now of Robertsdale, AL.