We have a number of new records on Our Military Heritage to share with you.

Dennis McClurg has transcribed the Civil War letters of Sgt. Isaac McFadden. McFadden was born in 1834 in Ohio, but moved with his family to Wabash County, Indiana, where he attended school with Samuel Ferguson and his sister, Martha. Isaac was living in St. Louis and courting Martha through the mail, though she was also interested in other young men, when Isaac and Samuel joined the 101st Indiana Infantry. Isaac was with Samuel when the latter died of disease in 1863. A few months later, Isaac died at Chickamauga and is buried in Chattanooga. During this time, the letters Isaac sent to Martha were detailed, illustrating a soldier’s life and mentions mutual acquaintances. This database includes both scans of the original letters and transcriptions for Isaac’s letters to Martha and others. Thanks to Dennis McClurg for this fabulous source.
Born in Ireland in 1873, Michael Joseph O’Brien joined his brother in America in 1896, and joined the Ninth U.S. Infantry later that same year. He served in the Spanish American War in Cuba, the Philippine Insurrection, the Boxer Rebellion in China, and later in the Texas-Mexican border conflict. He left the Ninth to become a first lieutenant during World War I. Michael Joseph O'Brien of Bartoose, Ireland and Sackets Harbor, New York: an Irish Immigrant's Odyssey tells Michael’s story and was donated to us by the author Stephan P. Clarke, who had generously allowed us to post it.
Stephen Clarke has also allowed us to post his work about his uncle, Paul S. Grieb with the 709th Tank Battalion in World War II. This item includes a biography of Paul Grieb, along with a calendar of movements of the 709th Tank Battalion and its activities, notes about the Battle of the Huertgen Forest, and other documents Grieb collected during the war.
We Too Were There: Company C, 353rd Infantry is a company history written by Sgt. Ralph Brach and illustrated by Captain Clarence Hughes. It is a history of the company written shortly after the war and includes memorial and awards list and a directory of all of the unit members.

We also have the autobiographical work The Unique Navy Career of Sheldon H. Hine, Lt. Comdr., U.S.N.R. 1942-1948. This Fort Wayne resident worked with the Special Devices Division of the Bureau of Aeronautics and his story is fascinating.World War II

Last but not least is the file that contains George V. Myers’ World War II discharge papers and oral interview. Myers, of Michigan, served in the 353rd Infantry and served in Europe and Africa as a military Policeman. Take a bit of time and have a listen!