by Delia

As you enter The Genealogy Center, you are greeted by a staff member and stop to ask a few questions before starting your research. Or maybe, when you enter, there are several people already asking questions at the desk, so, anxious to start, you bypass the crowd and begin on your own. Either way, later on, you have questions and you look over, and there are a couple of staff members tapping away at a keyboard or examining a book or some papers. No one is asking them any questions, but they look so busy that you don't want to "bother" them.

Well, first, and most importantly, we are never "too busy" to answer your questions and guide you in your research, so you must just overcome that hesitance and ask away. But, yes, we are busy, doing many things that, we hope, will add to our collections and enable you to search more efficiently.

So, just what are we doing?

One staff member peruses book catalogs and periodicals, seeking announcements of new books that are being published, books that we'd like to add to our collection. Another staff member is keeping track of the film that has been borrowed from the Family History Library. Someone else may be organizing material that has been donated or loaned to us for our Photocopy Exchange Program. That person is creating an addition for our Free Databases, and this one is editing something for publication, while I am making additions or corrections to our Fort Wayne and Allen County, Indiana Area Obituary Index, and yet another colleague is devising a schedule that will allow our small staff to provide reference assistance at all times.

Then there are things that all of us do on a regular basis, including planning and preparing programs and classes, preparing for Consultations, writing guides and articles for Genealogy Gems, and updating this blog, as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts. And this year, we are also planning for the Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference, on August 21-24, 2013.

And then there are the smaller tasks that pop up on a regular basis, so, yes, we are busy improving The Genealogy Center for you, our visitor. But remember, we are never too busy for you to ask us a question!