by Delia

Back in the mid-1990s, when The Genealogy Center was still the Genealogy Department, staff members were trying to add material to our collection. We realized that there were some areas in the United States for which we had very little -- or nothing at all -- as research sources. So my colleagues and I began writing letters (before email!) to various archives and societies, seeking information about sources they had, for donation, if possible.

We received some really nifty stuff in return. Some we had to purchase, but many were gifts from different locales, schools, churches, historical societies and businesses.

A few days ago, there was a package addressed to me, and inside were two volumes for us as donations, a very nice letter telling me that the archives to which I'd sent a request more than 15 years ago was now able to send material, and a copy of my original letter! It was great to know that the requests I had sent then were still bearing fruit!

And, of course, this is also a reminder that we are still looking for those local items that make our collection such a great resource: church directories and histories; school yearbooks of any year or location; business, town and neighborhood histories; and, naturally, family histories. If you're not sure we'd want it (though undoubtedly we will), just email us.

And thank you, to all who have donated in the past. We couldn't do it without you.