by Dawne

If you have not checked the Free Databases area of The Genealogy Center’s website recently, perhaps you should! Among a number of new additions to the website are four Hendricks County, Indiana, databases that include names going back as far as 1847 and coming forward as far as 1975. From oldest material to newest, they are:

  • Voters, August 1847
  • Index to Census, 1940
  • Farm Directory, 1958
  • Divorces, 1953-1975

The database of Hendricks County voters from 1847 includes name and township of residence for each voter. The 1940 census database is an everyname index and features fields for name, age, birthplace, township, incorporated place, enumeration district and sheet. The 1958 farm directory database is from A Farm Directory for Hendricks County (Princeton, Ind.: n.p., 1958). Information in this resource is name, township of residence, address and remarks, such as whether the individual was a property owner or a tenant. Finally, the database of divorce cases for 1953 to 1975 includes name of the plaintiff, the spouse, the date filed and remarks, such as change of venue or if the action was a legal separation. It also includes the case number so that researchers may follow up in the court records for more information.

The addition of these four resources brings the total number of Hendricks County databases on The Genealogy Center’s website to twenty-three. To locate them, position your cursor over the word “databases” in the dark blue horizontal band across the top of The Genealogy Center’s homepage. Move your cursor to “free databases,” then click on “Indiana Resources.” After General and Statewide Resources, available databases for the individual counties are listed alphabetically by county.