by Cynthia

I always enjoy going to genealogy conferences. They are a great way to meet new people and learn about additional resources and records which may help to tear down brick walls.
When I first began my family history research, my grandmother stated that her grandfather, Frank Bosley, was born in New York, along the border of Quebec. Since that was such a large territory, I hadn't begun to check out this information. In August 2009, while I was at a conference in Virginia, I was talking to some people regarding research difficulties. I happened to mention where Frank was born and that the family was French Canadian. One of the attendees stated that I should check Clinton County, New York, that many French Canadians settled there.

Within a few weeks after that conference, I received a letter from my mother's cousin and she mentioned that she found John Bosley in the 1850 New York Census in Clinton County, New York. I quickly reviewed that census and noticed that Frank's older brother was there, too. I found my first break on a brick wall that I thought would take forever to tear down. I ordered a microfilm from the Family History Center and may have found his baptismal records. This gentleman went by so many different names throughout his life and I believe that the Edward Bosley baptism could be Francis E. Bosley. I have made major breakthrough on this branch of my family tree and have went back about 5 to 7 ancestors through Frank's and his wife's families.