by Dawne

American Indian ancestry is a tradition in many families. The Genealogy Center recently launched the Native American Gateway, to aid family historians in their research. Similar to the African American Gateway, the Native American Gateway is primarily a clearinghouse of Internet links to sites that focus on the history and genealogy of native cultures, combined with detailed information about the resources in The Genealogy Center for Native American research.

Often individuals who have heard that there is Native American ancestry in their family are unsure about where to begin documenting or verifying that the family legend is true. The Native American Gateway has an instructional section titled Beginning Your Native American Research to guide beginners. Other subcategories of the Gateway include Websites, Indian Census Records, Cherokee Records, National Archives Guides, First Nations of Indiana (Miami and Potawatomi tribes), and a section on Records at ACPL.

Included in the Records of ACPL area of the Native American Gateway are a comprehensive bibliography of materials for Native American research held by The Genealogy Center, a link to The Center’s book catalog, a link to the Native American holdings listed in the microtext catalog, and the Native American Snapshot, which is a three-page overview of general resources for Native American Research held by The Genealogy Center.