During Fort Wayne Ancestry Day's Ask the Experts Panel, we received so many questions that we were unable to answer them all during the event. The following are questions asked and The Genealogy Center staff's responses.

Is it possible to have more later afternoon (after 4 pm) classes and events? Those who work until 2 or 3 pm miss a lot of events.

Ah, the timing of programs! We struggle with the question of what times best suit our customers and are possible, given the demands on our staff. We offer morning events for people who like to get up early, afternoon events for those who like to do research first. Weekend events offer the greatest opportunity for most, but some people would rather weekdays. Logic told us that evenings would be ideal, but the statistics we've kept over several years prove otherwise. Evening (after 4 pm) events are the poorest attended of the events we have offered. Evening events will be offered occasionally but probably will be greatly out-numbered by events at other times.

It would be nice if you could have given a list of family trees each of us are working on. Maybe someone would be working on “your” tree, just another branch.

The Genealogy Center maintains a Surname Registry. When you enter our department, you can register on a computer, providing your contact information along with the surnames you’re researching. This data is available to anyone off of our website as a free database titled “Genealogy Center Surname File,” where you can search a surname and receive a list of contacts.

Does the Allen County Library offer free webinars?

At this time, we are unable to offer free webinars. We do not have the technology or staffing levels to offer this service, though we are continuously reviewing the possibility for the future.