by Dawne

Continuation from yesterday.

  • Andrew Crouch and Melinda Crouch, his wife, to John M. Crouch, 188 acres and 10 perches in Nottingham Township. It was the same land conveyed by John Crouch to his son Andrew Crouch 8 December 1840 and recorded in Deed Volume 2-Z on pages 237-239. [Vol. 5-S: 581 Crouch-Crouch, 1879]
The above deed mentions that Andrew got the land from his father, John, and provides a citation for an earlier deed volume where that instrument is recorded.
  • A quit-claim filed by Ann Ball and William, her husband, to Henry Bane, for their interest in a piece of land in East Bethlehem Township. The deed notes that James Bane died intestate owning land and had six children: Ann, intermarried with William Ball, Joseph, Henry, Hiram, Ruth and Priscilla. It further notes that Joseph, one of these children, since has died intestate. [Vol. 4-G: 544 Ball-Bane, 1857]
This deed notes the names of James Bane’s six living children at the time of his death, and that his son Joseph died between James’s death and the recording of this deed – important information since this area of Pennsylvania has no civil death records prior to 1890! It also gives Ann Bane’s husband’s name, William Ball.
  • Silas Condit and Clara, his wife, and Cyrus Morrow and Elizabeth, his wife, quit-claimed to Henry C. Bane for $1 their interest in land in Amwell Township belonging to the estate of “our grandmother,” Jane Bane, deceased. [Vol. 5-K: 532 Condit et al-Bane, 1878]
One member of the Condit couple and one member of the Morrow couple were grandchildren of Jane Bane. The researcher’s job is to identify the grandchildren and their parents.

Quit-claim instruments are particularly rich in relationship details and can be extremely valuable in proving the parent-child relationship in the time before vital records existed. But deeds also can convey non-land property, including slaves; provide for the establishment of churches, schools and cemeteries; trace the ownership of a piece of property, and more. Don’t underestimate this valuable record type!