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  • Our Military Heritage Additions!

    Wednesday, Jul 13, 2016

    We have some new items on Our Military Heritage!

    First, we have the Civil War discharge of Scott County, Indiana native Thomas Stark, who served three years in the 22nd Indiana Infantry. The discharge also includes his physical description.

    We also have the History of the Ohio National Guard and Ohio Volunteers, published by the Cleveland by the Plain Dealer in 1901. This volume concentrated on activities during the Spanish American War, including lists and dates of stations of service, but also includes the history of the Guard from 1876 to 1900.

    We have documents relating to the World War I service of Lt. Edward Francis Morken, 314th Cavalry, including photos, orders, discharge information and various correspondence, as well as the World War I letters of Alois Masbaum of Fort Wayne. He served in the 22nd Engineers from May 1918 to July 1919. His first letter discusses the medical exams and vaccinations he will have to undergo. The descriptions of the camps and activities were always meant to be reassuring to his family back in Fort Wayne.

    For World War II, we have “P-47s vs the GAF,” dated April 13, 1944, which provides personal accounts of the 56th Fighter Group’s combat experiences against the German Air Force, as well as “Scouting, Patrolling, and Sniping,” 1944 War Department Basic Field Manual which details the best techniques for moving about around and behind enemy lines.

    “Hidden Memories of World War II” is an autobiography by Arlis Sizemore who served in World War II in Europe after service in the CCC, and we have the World War II era correspondence of Miss Mabel Poth of 265 Poth Road, Columbus, Ohio and Private George P. Miller of the 166th Infantry, Company "I," A. P. O. # 37, Camp Shelby, Mississippi. We also have the George Vorndran collection which includes his biography, photos, and letters home, and the Howard-Smith-Stiles World War II letters. This grouping comes from the Garrett, DeKalb County, Indiana, area and details interpersonal relations between these connections.

    All of these sources add to our knowledge of World War II activities and thoughts of those who served and those who stayed home.

    Posted by: ACPL Genealogy Center

  • New Free Databases

    Tuesday, Jul 05, 2016

    Some new Allen County school information has been added to our free Allen County Resources page!

    First up is the whole Central High School yearbook, The Caldron for 1928. From the main page, one can browse to each class, activities such as music, debate, and men’s and women’s sports, or search for a specific name. The scan even includes the inscription by the volume’s original owner, Luella Stark.

    We also have photos from South Calhoun Elementary and Village Elementary. The South Calhoun photos are a series of the class that started kindergarten in 1956 through sixth grade in 1963. The Fort Wayne Village Elementary photos cover classes from 1975-77 and the New Haven Village Elementary cover classes 1969-1971.

    We have created a new North Side High School page to launch the scrapbooks that we have been able to digitize, including art teacher Marjorie Bell’s scrapbooks covering 1952 to 1973, the Future Secretaries of America, 1980-1981, the 1977-1978 North Side 50th Anniversary Scrapbook, including the 1978 Blizzard Edition, and the North Side High School War Efforts 1942-1944. This site will soon also offer videos, so keep watching!

    Posted by: ACPL Genealogy Center

  • New Online Family Resources

    Friday, May 20, 2016

    We are pleased to be able to post some new Family Resources for you to use.

    The first two written and donated by Patricia Johnson: Great Grandparents and Their Ancestors of (Ina) Patricia Hughes, 1928- , which is divided into seven parts, and Great Grandparents and Their Ancestors of Frank Lee Johnson, Jr., 1927- , which contains eight parts. Both are keyword searchable.

    We also have three letters of the Howard Family, DeKalb County, Indiana. The first, dated 1930, is from 11 year old Elton Howard, was written to his mother, Ester, and mailed in the first batch of air mail from Fort Wayne. It flew to Chicago and back, and was intended as a souvenir. The second is a 1919 letter to Elton’s father, Elton D., from his aunt Emma, who was visiting Danville, Indiana. The third letter, also to Elton, Sr., from Emma Howard, discusses various members of the extended family.

    The last is Thomas Middlebrook Willis, 1859-1937, Pioneer Abilene, Texas Attorney.  Thomas was born in 1859 in Georgia. His family migrated to Texas in 1866, then, after law school, he settled in Abilene, where he settled and his family grew. his descendant, T. Bradford Willis, DDS, of Waco, Texas, compiled this biography and has graciously allowed us to post it.

    Thanks to our contributors, who continue to make The Genealogy Center Free Databases a site worth visiting!

    Posted by: ACPL Genealogy Center

  • Free Family Resources

    Saturday, Apr 02, 2016

    We have some new family resources available for you to use!


    We have Documentation for Nancy Kerr/Carr (1809 to after 1838), donated by Curtis L. Older. Nancy was born in Ohio, migrating with her parents to Indiana where she married Thomas Gouty. She was the mother of Elias B. Gouty (1833-1915) and she died before 1840. This material provides information on her birth and married family, court cases and references to prove her lineage, and an SAR application by Curtis Lynn Older. This is an excellently researched proof document!


    Pragoff Progenitors: Rogers Line, Lewis Extensions, compiled by Eleanor Trapnell Kloman Wallace, deals extensively with the Rogers family of Virginia and Kentucky, adding to her works that deal with other Pragoff progenitors, including the Gorin and Franklin families.


    The Robert Laurie Lamont Bible includes both images and transcriptions of the Robert Laurie Lamont-Susanna Aikins family covering 1835 to 1989, from Scotland to Iowa.


    And the Tremper Family Bible also includes images and a transcription of the Allan Tremper-Martha Bell Hilts family from 1832 to 1920 in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

    Thanks to the donors for contributing these great resources!

    Posted by: ACPL Genealogy Center

  • More Free Indiana Databases

    Friday, Mar 18, 2016

     We’ve added, and added to, a couple of Indiana free databases recently!

    The years of 1917-1919 and 2014 have been added to “Obituaries from the Sullivan Daily Times and the Sullivan Union, Sullivan County, Indiana,” compiled by Donna K. Adams, Paula Jewell, and Mark Brown of the Sullivan County Public Library Genealogy/Local History Department, who have generously shared this index with us. To use this collection, one can select the year of death, then locate the obituary by the first letter of the last name.

    We have the 1920 booklet of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Kenner Rebekah Lodge, IOOF, for DeKalb County, which lists duties and responsibilities of all officers.
    Finally, we have the Index to Springfield Township: A History (Franklin County, IN). We have Springfield Township: A History in our collection under call number GC 977.201 F85dua, and this index, compiled by Karen Coffinbarger of the Brookville Library, for the publication by Don Dunaway, will make use easier for all who wish to use it.

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to these databases!

    Posted by: ACPL Genealogy Center

  • New in Our Military Heritage!

    Tuesday, Mar 15, 2016

    We have added three new items to Our Military Heritage recently!

    From the Civil War, we have the military records of James Bigelow, 8th and 11th Connecticut. This packet includes all types of forms and certificates from his induction into the 8th Connecticut to his discharge, and includes information on his service as an assistant surgeon, his Master Mason certificate and his widow’s affidavit. We also have “Roster of the Eighth Regiment Conn. Vols. 1861-1865,” published in 1908. It includes names of all members, by company, who attended a reunion that year, including Dr. James Bigelow of Elkhart, Indiana.
    The other item is a clipping from the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, published in about December 1988, concerning the sad fate of World War II veteran Roland Boyle. Local boy Roland served in the Civilian Conservation Corps before joining the army in 1940, serving until the end of the war. Back in Fort Wayne, he had difficulty adapting to civilian life and eventually left his parents and siblings for a rootless existence in the west. He died in 1987 and was buried in the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona in Phoenix, although his family was not aware of his death for a year. This article is illustrative of the difficulties all soldiers faced when returning from war.

    Posted by: ACPL Genealogy Center

  • More Free Allen County Online Resources

    Friday, Mar 11, 2016

    Our Allen County Resources have grown recently with additions to a couple of pre-existing databases and a couple of new sources as well.

    We have City of Fort Wayne Water Works, 1931-1981, with a history of the Water Works and the St. Joseph Pumping Station, with Three Rivers Filtration Plant Functions, a nifty flow diagram and some great photographs!
    Speaking of great photos, we have the Embassy Theatre Commemorative Photographs, 1928-1978, with a history of the theater and wonderful photos of the Embassy and of its incarnation as the Emboyd Theatre.
    We also have a copy of the Washington Township (Allen County, IN) School yearbook, “The Wildcat” for 1957-1958. “The Wildcat” includes individual photos for each student and teacher from kindergarten to eighth grade, and group photos for sports, yearbook staff, etc. Since this belonged to a student, there are even a few autographs.
    Additions to the Lindenwood Cemetery Index for 2015 have been added. Lindenwood is one of the oldest and largest cemeteries in Allen County and is on the National Register.
    2015 Addition to Lindenwood burials

    Finally, 62 new booklets and documents comprising more than 1400 images have been added to the General Electric Collection in the Elex section. As one of Fort Wayne’s largest employers in the 20th century, this collection is a tremendous addition to our local history.

    Posted by: ACPL Genealogy Center

  • New Family Resources

    Tuesday, Feb 09, 2016

    A few new Family Resources have appeared on our Free Databases lately!

    Genealogical Research of Tyler Calhoun, Jr., Ida Calhoun Burritt, and Ida Calhoun Scott begins with Hugh Calhoun, born at sea in route to the United States in 1789. He and his family lived in York County, Pennsylvania, Montgomery County, Ohio, and Wabash County, Indiana and continues through seventeen generations with approximately two thousand individuals.

    The William Adelbert Craker Diaries covers family and neighbors in Leelanau County, Michigan from 1919 to 1952, concentrating on daily activities and neighbors’ lives and deaths.
    Our Parks Family in America: Joseph and Ruth Parks of East Tennessee and Their Descendants is available through the generosity of Janet Bliss Parks, and includes photos, an every name index as well as a general index of churches, cemeteries, companies, geographic places and  more.
    Rhodes Family History was generously donated by Robin Rhodes and includes Rhodes, Ayres, Weiss, Patterson, McDuffie, Stallard, Williams, Teeter, Robinson Nellans, Hibray, Clifton, Percell, Weaver, Rutledge, Richards families. One can read through the various sections or do a search by first or last name, birth, christening, death or burial place, or spouse’s name.
    Treece and Related Families includes 40 years of research by Mary Lou Treece Cless special emphasis on the Treece family. It also concentrates on the surnames Place, Hicks, Coleman, French, Thrapp, Patee, Pattee, Riggenbach, and Blunier.

    Lastly is an update to Michael Clegg’s Kincaid Family File. We thank all of these researchers and authors for their contributions.

    Posted by: ACPL Genealogy Center

  • New in Our Military Heritage

    Saturday, Feb 06, 2016

    We have a number of new records on Our Military Heritage to share with you.

    Dennis McClurg has transcribed the Civil War letters of Sgt. Isaac McFadden. McFadden was born in 1834 in Ohio, but moved with his family to Wabash County, Indiana, where he attended school with Samuel Ferguson and his sister, Martha. Isaac was living in St. Louis and courting Martha through the mail, though she was also interested in other young men, when Isaac and Samuel joined the 101st Indiana Infantry. Isaac was with Samuel when the latter died of disease in 1863. A few months later, Isaac died at Chickamauga and is buried in Chattanooga. During this time, the letters Isaac sent to Martha were detailed, illustrating a soldier’s life and mentions mutual acquaintances. This database includes both scans of the original letters and transcriptions for Isaac’s letters to Martha and others. Thanks to Dennis McClurg for this fabulous source.
    Born in Ireland in 1873, Michael Joseph O’Brien joined his brother in America in 1896, and joined the Ninth U.S. Infantry later that same year. He served in the Spanish American War in Cuba, the Philippine Insurrection, the Boxer Rebellion in China, and later in the Texas-Mexican border conflict. He left the Ninth to become a first lieutenant during World War I. Michael Joseph O'Brien of Bartoose, Ireland and Sackets Harbor, New York: an Irish Immigrant's Odyssey tells Michael’s story and was donated to us by the author Stephan P. Clarke, who had generously allowed us to post it.
    Stephen Clarke has also allowed us to post his work about his uncle, Paul S. Grieb with the 709th Tank Battalion in World War II. This item includes a biography of Paul Grieb, along with a calendar of movements of the 709th Tank Battalion and its activities, notes about the Battle of the Huertgen Forest, and other documents Grieb collected during the war.
    We Too Were There: Company C, 353rd Infantry is a company history written by Sgt. Ralph Brach and illustrated by Captain Clarence Hughes. It is a history of the company written shortly after the war and includes memorial and awards list and a directory of all of the unit members.

    We also have the autobiographical work The Unique Navy Career of Sheldon H. Hine, Lt. Comdr., U.S.N.R. 1942-1948. This Fort Wayne resident worked with the Special Devices Division of the Bureau of Aeronautics and his story is fascinating.World War II

    Last but not least is the file that contains George V. Myers’ World War II discharge papers and oral interview. Myers, of Michigan, served in the 353rd Infantry and served in Europe and Africa as a military Policeman. Take a bit of time and have a listen!

    Posted by: ACPL Genealogy Center

  • Starting the Collection: Two Great Hoosiers!

    Thursday, Dec 17, 2015

    by Delia

    People are already sending photos for the Who’s a Hoosier? Who and What Makes Indiana Great Bicentennial Image Collection. This one comes from Kevin Roe of Fort Wayne. Kevin has lived most of his life in Fort Wayne. Some of us here in The Genealogy Center knew him as an Allen County Public Library Page-turned Clerk-turned Librarian in the 1970s and 1980s as he worked his way through college and graduate school, then began his career. He’s now with Fort Wayne Community Schools, but keeps in touch with us. Kevin is sending a number of family and group photos, but this one shows Kevin (a great Hoosier) with Santa in 1963, when Kevin was 3½ years old.

    This Santa is Phil Steigerwald, the famous Wolf & Dessauer Santa Claus. Born in 1927 to Phil E. and Vera Hurst Steigerwald, Phil began his Santa career in 1943, when he was still in high school. In the mid-1950s, his service became a profession at the Sears Store on Rudisill. He became Wolf & Dessauer’s Santa several years later and remained there until W&D closed in 1979. Along the way, he was a realtor and a Fort Wayne City Council member from 1963 to 1971. Phil died in 2004, but his legacy lives with the many children who still treasure their pictures with Santa.

    Join us in defining Who's a Hoosier? Who and What Makes Indiana Great by submitting images for the collection!

    Posted by: ACPL Genealogy Center

  • Brethren Additions to Our Free Databases

    Monday, Dec 14, 2015

    It is a wonder how one person's contributions to our Free Databases can expand research possibilities! The following material has all been donated for your use here by one generous researcher.

    The Four Mile Church was the first Church of the Brethren (German Baptist) in Indiana. It was 1809 and the area was known as “The Gore.” The Upper Four Mile Church was in Wayne County, and the Lower Four Mile Church was in Franklin County, but when Union County was formed in 1821, both churches were in that county. Four Mile Church, 200th Anniversary discusses the history of the church with brief family histories of members, along with many photos, and a map showing the locations of early Brethren Churches in Indiana.

    Virginia Colony: History and Record of the Early Families and Times of the Four Mile Church of the Brethren is a history of the church and area, along with family histories and a name index to this material. Together, these two items provide  a wonderful history of the church and its people.
    The Frontier Brethren provides a study of the early migration of the Brethren to Kentucky and the Ohio River Valley. It contains historical and biographical material, as well as a map of Brethren churches in Kentucky, and southern Indiana and Ohio.
    Southern Ohio, Highland and Adams County Churches also deals with Brethren churches, this time on Ohio. A history of the Church in that region is accompanied by an index of Dunkard families listed in the 1820 and 1830 census of the area.
    Obannon Baptist Brethren Church book deals with the Brethren who came to Ohio in the 1790s, and provides a history and information on the families.  
    All of these were generously provided by Merle Rummel and all can be searched using the search feature on each home page.

    The last item, also provided by Mr. Rummel, is Brethren Migration Roads, a PowerPoint file that is not searchable, but contain 264 images that include maps and photographs of the trails as they exist now and images of what might have existed when our ancestors traversed these routes. Whether your ancestors were Brethren or not, this final selection is a wonderful resource.

    Posted by: ACPL Genealogy Center

  • New Family and Military Records

    Wednesday, Dec 09, 2015

    Our Free Databases keep expanding, this time with some new family materials and a couple of military records.

    Eleanor Wallace of Fort Wayne submitted several items of Family Resources. Pragoff Progenitors: Gorin Line, Franklin Extensions, Bowman Extensions and
    Pragoff Progenitors: Pragoff Line, Plasket Extensions, Chambers Extensions. These two items delve deeply into the various connecting branches of her Pragoff family.

    Loretta Luce Evans donated Luse Family Reunion Book: Record of the Minutes and Doings of the Reunions of the Children Cousins of Serenus B. Luse. It includes images of the Reunion ledger from 1893 to 1905 and 1915, as well as pages of family records, an index and notes of the accuracy of some of the entries.

    We also have the World War I Discharge paper of Harold Frary, of the Hoboken Casual Company #246 and Company F of the 316th Engineers. He left the United States in July 1918 and returned in March 1919.
    Alexander Morris was born in New York in 1889 and, after his parents died, he and his siblings were placed in an orphan asylum. When it closed, he transferred to a Catholic Reform School, then later, to a better orphan home where he studied music for the first time. He joined the Navy in 1907 and served for the next 47 years until retirement, then died in 1962. His career in the Navy was as a musician and bandmaster. His Peacetime & Multiple Engagements details his career through the first half of the Twentieth Century and is a fascinating read about a young man who worked hard and achieved success.

    The last item is the Butler-McDonald-Mazanec Photograph Collection. All of the information we have is the three family names associated with it, and the few notes attached to the photos. It is like looking though a family scrapbook, with formal portraits and snapshots, postcards of locations important to the family, photographs of gravestones and Christmas cards. Take a stroll through the pictures and enjoy!

    Posted by: ACPL Genealogy Center

  • More New Free Databases

    Sunday, Nov 29, 2015

    We have a nice potpourri of new church and cemetery listings in our Free Databases for you to enjoy, staring with Marriage Surname Index to Maryland German Church Records and supplied by compiler Dale W. Morrow. This is a marriage index for the counties of Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick and Washington in Frederick Weiser's Maryland German Church Records.
    Joann Wasson supplied “If This Plot Had Ears: The Stories of the Old Liberty Cemetery,” of Hardin County, Illinois. This 30-page document details the restoration of this cemetery and brief biographies of those who are known to be buried there.
    Rhonda Stoffer, Head of Indiana History and Genealogy Services at the Marion Public Library, and a local Grant County customer, James Campbell made the Corey's Cemetery Map, Van Buren Township, Grant County, Indiana. One can click anywhere on the map to view an enlargement of that section, and a brief history of the cemetery is on the image.
    Finally, we have a Lutheran Bible Institute, Minneapolis photo, dated February 11, 1941. The photograph is scanned in such a way that you can click on a section to view the attendees more closely. We have no names associated with the photo, so if you recognize anyone, please let us know.

    Posted by: ACPL Genealogy Center

  • New Allen County Resources Online

    Wednesday, Nov 18, 2015

    There are some new or expanded Allen County items available for use online!

    At one time, Bass Foundry was one of Fort Wayne’s largest employers, with more than a thousand employees. Among other product lines, the Foundry made boilers for railroads, businesses and homes. Bass Steel Heating Boilers is a six-page brochure showing photos and descriptions of some of the products available for residential use.
    The North Side Yearbook Index is now complete from 1929 to 1024, with more than 187,000 entries and has an updated the search page.

    We now have issues of Wayne High School’s newspaper “The Dispatch,” “The Wayne Dispatch,” or “The Wayne High School Dispatch,” from 1971-1991.

    And, finally, The Allen County Courthouse was an architectural gem when it opened in 1902, with statues, murals and stained glass, but the next ninety years took their toll. In 1994, Allen County Courthouse Preservation Trust, Inc. began a project to restore and preserve the building, which was completed in 2002. The Genealogy Center now has 792 images of this restoration available through our ContentDM link. The photographs are divided into sections: Circuit Court, First Floor, Second Floor, Superior Court OneSuperior Court Three, and Third Floor. Treat yourself to some browsing today!

    Posted by: ACPL Genealogy Center

  • Our Military Heritage Celebrates with Additional Military Records

    Wednesday, Nov 11, 2015

    In honor of Veteran's Day, we want to share news of some recent additions to Our Military Heritage from three conflicts, starting with the Civil War pension file of Samuel Rose of the 22nd Iowa, who died in St. James Hospital in New Orleans on September 28, 1863 of chronic diarrhea, leaving a wife and three children. The file includes affidavits on his service, death and needs of the family, including the dates of birth for all three children and the date and place of death for his widow in 1895.
    For the Spanish-American War, we have digital of the Official Souvenir of Michigan Volunteers of ’98, published by G.F. Sterling Company in Detroit. The document includes muster rolls for the 31st through 35 regiments of Michigan volunteers and naval reserves, as well as a chronology of events and photographs of companies, groups and individuals. Accompanying the document is an every name and key word index.
    Finally, we have the World War II collection of John Perry. Perrey served in the Navy from 1943 to 1946 and recounts his service activities, and includes images of his honorable discharge and other documents, photographs and the souvenir booklet of the Third Graduating Class of the U.S. Naval Radio School (1944).

    Thanks to the donors who allow us to share these items with you.

    Posted by: ACPL Genealogy Center

  • Free Family Resources!

    Saturday, Nov 07, 2015

    Thanks to our wonderful contributors, additions to our Family Resources database continue to be posted to our Free Databases site.

    Jane Thompson Kuitems has allowed us to post Benjamin Thompson, an Early Settler of Penfield, New York and Samuel Thompson and Grizzil Ingalls of Uxbridge, Massachusetts. Both are name and keyword searchable and both are filled with detail and richly documented.

    Ewing Family File, published by The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding and available through The Genealogy Center, indexes the almost 6500 individuals in the Ewing Family Association & Related Materials that we have had on our site. Using this index, one may search by name, or select an advanced search and locate a person by birth, christening, death or burial dates or places, or by spouse’s name.
    And, finally, Brian Paul Kaess has sent corrections to Notes on the Kaess Family, which has been added to what he had already submitted.
    Our thanks for these donations!

    Posted by: ACPL Genealogy Center

  • Abstracts of Title, Allen County, Indiana

    Tuesday, Nov 03, 2015

    At this time, when a piece of property exchanges hands, a title search company researches the deed, looking for any legal impediments to clear title of the property. These impediments include any legal action in which the current or past owners may have been involves, such as law suits, probate cases and liens on the property. But in the past, an abstract of the title, detailing the history of the property to that point, was passed with the deed to the new owners or mortgage holders. In the past thirty years, these abstracts have fallen out of use. Some owners still passed them along, but the new owners may not have understood the significance of the abstract which many ended up in the attic, or worse, in the trash. Many of these have been donated to The Genealogy Center in the past and can be found through our catalog and can be found by searching on “Allen County Indiana” plus abstract plus the addition or location, such as Elzey’s.

    However, the most recent donations, consisting of 43 from all across the county, have been scanned and are available online under Abstracts of Title, Allen County, Indiana. There is no index to the names contained in them at the time, but can be located by addition name, section and or lot number. If you are searching for a property in an addition for which we have an abstract, much of the earlier information will be identical from one abstract to another. For example, there is one for Walden Addition that consists of more than 100 pages and includes details of the exchange of property from the beginning to the 1970s, including law suits, probate and inheritance details and a petition to widen Trier Road. If you are doing family history on any of the families involved in these properties or doing house research in any of these additions, these are an important source. If you have an abstract gathering dust at home, please remember that we would be happy to add it to our collection!

    Posted by: ACPL Genealogy Center

  • Free databases for Allen County Research

    Tuesday, Oct 06, 2015

    We have some additions of Fort Wayne interest to our Free Databases page that we’d like to share with you.

    Local high school yearbooks continue to be of great popularity. The usual visitors are people wanting to see high school photos showing mom and dad with funny hair and clothes, but yearbooks are also of great interest to those organizing high school reunions, seeking old friends and distant relatives. There is also an interest in the photos of those who died during military service. Sometimes, these high school yearbooks provide the only photo of the person. Indices for three more years of North Side High School Yearbook Index, completing the index from the opening of the school through 1984.

    The Huntertown Historical Society has allowed us to digitize and post their Family Files. The best way to access the material is to browse by surname and read the short family histories that have been compiled.
    The last item is the Allen County pioneer, Jesse Vermilyea Estate Inventory. This 1847 handwritten document lists the property of his extensive estate, including livestock, furniture, farm equipment, crops, personal items and a clock valued at $3. Truly, a fascinating look at mid-19th century Allen County.

    Posted by: ACPL Genealogy Center

  • New Family Resources Online

    Wednesday, Sep 30, 2015

    We have several new family sources on our Free Databases that you might want to explore.

    The first is “From Pendleton Hall to Fremont: The Ancestors and Descendants of Julia A. Beckwith” by David Sprunk. This volume provides information on the family in medieval England, colonial Connecticut, and then to New York. A fine bibliography and an every name index completes this volume. 

    “An Introductory History of the York Co. Pa. & Seneca Co. Ohio Deckers,” also by David Sprunk, follows the Decker family from The Netherlands to Ohio, and includes DNA information and Decker Family of Ohio reunion minutes from the mid-20th century, as well as two indexes.

    “The Descendants of Thomas Carter,” by Terry L. and Carolyn Shumaker, details this family from 16th century England to modern day, including stories of hardship and success.
    Margaret Rowe McCarthy has allowed us to post her “The Gasperini-Pedo Family of Dickinson & Iron Counties,” which follows the family as it came the Trentino region to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
    William Lee Mercker complied “Henry & Mary,” about the Henry Mercker-Mary Catherine Witcher family of Indiana, which is filled with facts and reminiscences.

    And Brian Paul Kaess has allowed two of his volumes to be posted “Notes on the Kaess Family (2016)”, which includes Dawson, Schwartz, Golz and other families, and “Kaess Ochiltree Swartz Family History," which also includes the Leach, Haller, Gibboney, Baldwin and Major families, among others.

    All of these files can be searched by keyword or name, and all are copyrighted, and specific permission from the authors is necessary for re-publishing, reprinting, or in any other way disseminating these works. We greatly appreciate all of these authors allowing us to share this information with you!

    Posted by: ACPL Genealogy Center

  • Indiana Additions to Our Free Databases

    Sunday, Sep 20, 2015

    We are fortunate to be able to present a couple of new sources on our Free Indiana Databases.

    The first is a Franklin County Landowners Map for 1858, brought to us by John J. Newman of Brookville. The Franklin County historian, staff from the Franklin County Public Library District, and the Franklin County Recorder's office indexed the 2982 landowners. The landowner index provides township and section number. View the entire county on the overview map, and click on the area you’d like to view in more detail. Or you can view an entire township, or browse through to see enlarged sections of each map. Do take a few minutes to read Mr. Newman’s excellent introduction to the map, in which he provides information on the map, how to use the index, and the history of wall plat maps.

    The second item is a History of the Regulators of Northern Indiana, which was donated by Rita Lehner and Dalonda Young. In newly developing areas, miscreants abounded who took advantage of white settlers and Native Americans alike. Regulators were private citizens who formed groups to capture and prosecute criminals. This 67-page booklet provides a history of regulators in northern Indiana, a transcription of the 1852 legislative act that allowed the formation of regulator companies, a list of the companies and the number of members each boasted, and accounts of meetings, arrests, confessions and executions. This is a fascinating view of early Indiana’s history.
    Take a few minutes to examine these unique items!

    Posted by: ACPL Genealogy Center